What We're All About

CU Students have teamed together this year to learn through exploration how to manipulate many different instructional technologies. In time we hope to branch out and share our knowledge with other educators and peers.
We'd like to serve as a resource to our fellow future educators and professors of Education who would like to put that SmartBoard to use in their classroom, or learn how to use podcasts in the classroom as tools for parent involvement or student assessments. The possibilities are endless!
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The Technology Center

Here are some pictures of the technology center at Club 2:45 on Monday, November 12th. Each student created a PowerPoint presentation on an assigned state. See comments for more information.

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Elyse said...

I visited Club 2:45 on Monday, November 12th. After helping with fourth grade homework and snack, I went to the technology center. Each student worked to create a PowerPoint on an assigned state. I was not present the day the PowerPoint was assigned, but I think additional instruction or exploration of PowerPoint could have been helpful prior to a formal assignment. While some students embraced the project, others simply wrote the necessary facts on white slides. I am not sure that all students understood the presentation options available. I worked mostly with one girl who seemed to be struggling. I introduced her to background changes and adding additional text boxes. I wish we had had more time to "play" around on PowerPoint without an assignment. She was more focused on completing the assignment than utilizing the functions available.