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CU Students have teamed together this year to learn through exploration how to manipulate many different instructional technologies. In time we hope to branch out and share our knowledge with other educators and peers.
We'd like to serve as a resource to our fellow future educators and professors of Education who would like to put that SmartBoard to use in their classroom, or learn how to use podcasts in the classroom as tools for parent involvement or student assessments. The possibilities are endless!
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Hey guys, PLEASE check this out! My students and I have created a new photostory about Sea Turtles and why they need our help. Click below to watch it:

The Sea Turtles Need Our Help!

We have been studying sea turtles as our latest unit and are currently making turtle key chains like the one below. We call ourselves the "Beading Bears" and our key chain selling business has proven to be a fun and easy way to integrate all content areas into this long term project. We've been very busy advertising with posters, persuasive fliers, artwork, and short daily informational blurbs on the school-wide news program. This photostory is our latest advertising endeavor.

Key chains are $4.00

If anyone is interested in purchasing one, please let me know via email. I'd be more than happy to put your order in and deliver your key chain to you.

Here's my email: brollin@clemson.edu

Thanks for checking out the photostory! My class was so excited about it.


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