What We're All About

CU Students have teamed together this year to learn through exploration how to manipulate many different instructional technologies. In time we hope to branch out and share our knowledge with other educators and peers.
We'd like to serve as a resource to our fellow future educators and professors of Education who would like to put that SmartBoard to use in their classroom, or learn how to use podcasts in the classroom as tools for parent involvement or student assessments. The possibilities are endless!
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Owl Pellet Lesson

Helping to get all the "fur" off the pellet...sometimes it's difficult to find the bones! They were most excited about the skulls they found and the teeth, the average skull was a rat.
Helping the boys work with the microscope on the computer...they were trying to discover what the owl had eaten by looking at its bones underneath the microscope.
Before the Owl Pellet Lesson begins...I am explaining what an owl pellet is (while I hear lots of "eww's" After they started dissecting however, everyone was really into it, even the girls...who were most apprehensive at first. I wish I had more time with each group to really go more into a science lesson. As they were leaving many of them wanted an owl pellet to take home and were asking me how to get them!

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